While we are all home, doing our part to flatten the curve, local charitable organizations could use our help to care for others. Here are a few ways you can help!

Calvary Children's HomeSince 1966, Calvary Children's Home has provided long-term residential care for children needing placement apart from their families in a distinctly Christian setting in Cobb County.

Simple Needs GA - Simple Needs GA's mission is to meet the simple needs of children, people experiencing homelessness, and others in need, while inspiring our community to do the same. SNGA seeks to “fill in the cracks” by meeting other unmet, but important, needs. Examples: birthday gifts to a homeless child, providing shoes, Christmas gifts, full-size toiletry bags.

Mostly Mutts - Since 2004, Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue has been working to reduce the number of animals euthanized at local shelters in metro Atlanta. They work closely with animal control officers to save adoptable dogs. Mostly Mutts provides housing, health care, training, and physical and emotional care to them until they can be placed in a new home.

Weekend Planner April 23, 2020